And We’re Off!

Today I went with my husband to pick up the plywood to make the supports for the Rare Beasts project. After doing some research, I opted to use 6 mm Baltic Birch which I purchased from a wholesaler in Montreal. Baltic Birch has the advantage of being very durable, fine grained, and smooth. It resists chips and does not splinter. In short, it is an ideal support surface for artwork. Here is the stack of plywood sheets in my woodworker husband’s workshop, waiting to be cut into the correct sizes for the collage supports.


Each panel will be braced with poplar to prevent the panels from warping. My husband suggested poplar because it is strong and light, both of which are considerations when making a series of fairly large artworks which will be exhibited over several years and will need to be moved from place to place.

I know it just looks like a stack of plywood, but I am excited!


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