Rare Breeds: A Renaissance!

Recently I was invited to attend the Rare Breeds Renaissance Conference to be held on June 10-12, 2016, in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia. This conference is being organized by Rare Breeds Canada, a not for profit organization devoted to the conservation and promotion of rare breeds of livestock.

RBC Renaissance

I have been asked to be participate in a panel discussion on the importance of art in the promotion of rare breeds. One of the objectives of my Rare Beasts art project is to raise public awareness about the loss of biodiversity in agriculture, so I am looking forward to this panel discussion and conference and whatever inspiration might arise from them. It will also be nice to connect with other artists who share my interest in rare breeds.


In addition to the panel discussion, I have been invited to exhibit some of my artwork as part of a Rare Breeds themed group exhibition. The conference will be held at the Ross Creek Centre of the Arts.  The gallery space looks quite nice!


Click the links for more information about Rare Breeds Canada and the Ross Creek Centre of the Arts. Tickets for the conference are available here.

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